Just Who Is Carol Cool?


Carol-Cool-50-3581986371-OI’ve been learning to walk the tightrope of my own unbalanced life for a long time and sometimes, by God’s grace, I even manage to stay on the wire! I’m happiest when my readers and audiences are laughing, thinking, and walking away with a renewed hope that they can manage the high wire of their own lives by living authentically.

When I’m seeking advice, I want it practical, down-to-earth, and biblical, served up without pretentiousness. So that’s the way I roll with my writing and speaking as well. I’m sure I provide God with comic relief as He watches this fun-loving, talkative, transparent klutz attempt to put legs to biblical ideas. I hope you’ll come away not only with a lighter heart but also with a clearer idea that, by applying God’s Word to your life, you, too, can rise above the circus and attain the full height of who you are in Jesus.

IMG_2289 - Version 2People, Places, and Things I Love:

  • Jane Austen
  • Ice cream
  • Books
  • Travel
  • Panera Bread (especially its Cinnamon Crunch bagel)
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Cheese
  • Colin Firth (Pride and Prejudice, need I say more?)
  • Laughter
  • Cambridge and Oxford, England (I would move to England in a minute if I weren’t quite so fond of my husband, Les, whom I love most of all)

6 Questions No One Ever Asks Me:

Oxford tour with Les (he's the young one), back in my long curly hair days.

Oxford tour with Les (he’s the young one), back in my long curly hair days.

  • Could you talk a little faster?
  • How did you become so graceful?
  • What’s for dinner? (My husband Les does all our cooking, thankfully)
  • Could you speak louder?
  • Could you eat a little faster?
  • Would you hold my baby? (I’m totally terrified of babies; can’t do them)

My Serious Credentials for Serious People:

  • Author of more than 100 articles in a variety of national and international magazines, including in Slovenia (which I couldn’t find on a map if my life depended on it)
  • Copywriter for corporate, educational, and nonprofit clients (find out more on my LinkedIn page).
  • Member of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)
  • Holder of a bachelor of arts in biblical literature (yep, a BABL degree—no wonder I talk so much) from Northeastern Bible College
  • Pastor’s wife of Les who serves a church in Akron, Pennsylvania (a dot on the map of Lancaster County where passing Amish buggies is an everyday occurrence)
  • Adoptive mom of Joy (she was 14 when she came to live with us) who is now also an adoptive mom of Hunter

Thanks for visiting my website, and if I can be of help to you, feel free to contact me or follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

Searching for the perfect speaker for ‘Ladies Night Out,’ the kick-off of our church’s 175th anniversary celebration, Carol Cool was highly recommended by a friend. The audience was moved from laughter to the shedding of an occasional tear as she explored with us what we each have to offer as a legacy that can bless loved ones for generations. Carol excelled and made all the right touches for our special night.

Carolyn Kocher, Secretary, Salem UCC Women’s Guild, Elizabethville, PA